Visiting a land-based casino is a big event for many gamblers, especially those who are used to gambling online. You’ll probably have lots of unanswered questions if you go for the first time. One of them is what attire to use. Míg a national kaszinó online játékok során nem kell aggódnod amiatt, hogy mit viselsz, addig a hagyományos kaszinókban olyan öltözködési szabályok vannak, amelyeket be kell tartanod. The present-day requirements for the way you’re dressed at a casino are softer than ever, but you still should consider the provided guidelines not to feel embarrassed at the event. Below, we list the most popular dress code options for land-based game clubs.

  • Smart Casual

Modern-day casinos have much softer rules regarding visitors’ attire than it was in old days. Many players go to the casino regularly and not at the time of evening events. Wearing an exquisite gown for women and a tuxedo suit for men every time is not an option in this case. That’s why most casinos allow a smart casual look for a regular visit not including any special events.

Smart casual style has no clear list of clothes to wear. You just have to be neatly dressed. Wearing something like non-ripped jeans, shirts, skirts, jackets, and dresses is perfectly OK. Though, even here there are things to avoid, including:

  • flip-flops;
  • sneakers;
  • track pants;
  • beach shorts;
  • dirty clothes;
  • slovenly appearance.
  • Semi-Formal

This is probably the most appropriate attire for visiting a casino, which balances between an everyday look and a formal event appearance.

The semi-formal dress code for men includes a business suit (usually black), shirt, vest, dress shoes, and a tie.

Women may wear an afternoon dress, an elegant skirt, or top pants with a shirt.

  • Business Formal

A corporate-style look is a perfect option for casino visitors who are not sure what the actual dress code is. You’ll be formal but not as if you’re dressed up for a Vienna ball. Besides, such an outfit will be perfectly comfortable to enjoy gambling throughout the night.

The men’s business formal is practically the same as semi-formal. Wear a neat jacket, a collared shirt with a tie, dress shoes, and pants.

The women’s business formal is a bit more demanding. You can choose between a business-style jacket with pants and a shirt or an afternoon dress. Formal shoes or heels are a must in any case.

  • Black Tie

This is one of the most formal attires used at a casino. You usually wear it at evening events in high-end casino venues and VIP lounges. The men’s outfit should include a dress shirt, a dinner jacket, a bow tie, well-tailored pants, and a pair of elegant shoes.

A black tie style for women includes a sophisticated pantsuit, ball gown, or a good-looking cocktail dress. The outfit should also comprise heels or dress shoes. The most formal events will require you to wear jewelry, glows, and evening gowns.

  • White Tie

If you’re going to a casino event as you’ve seen in James Bond films, a white tie attire is something you should wear. It’s an outfit of Oscar ceremony level with the most formal look possible. Men should use patent leather shoes, tuxedos, cuff shirts, bow ties, and black tailed dress coats. Women have to stick to ball gowns, floor-length dresses, and the best jewelry.