Majority of the sports bettors tend to follow one sport and bet on their favourite teams and players. But if you seek the advice of a professional, you will always be given a recommendation to also try your luck with unfamiliar sports from time to time. Especially when there are serious tournaments in action, you must give yourself a shot at betting on the right teams. Without having an adequate amount of knowledge, you may not be able to get the perfect shot at your prediction. That is why you might prefer your favourite sport on top of others. But you definitely can bet on sports that you are not very familiar with. There are some cases in which you absolutely can try your hand and win some real money from the best live sports betting app in India or abroad. Let’s check out these cases one by one and you can give yourself a strong chance at online sports betting:

  1. When all bettors are engaged in it

Some events have a big amount of betting involvement. The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup or the FIFA World Cup are some of the renowned tournaments in which betting is heavily done. Almost everyone, even the smallest of bettors, tend to indulge in cricket betting at this given point of time. Majority of the people do not know much about the game but they still bet on the cricket matches. It is very easy to know which teams are the most powerful and carry the ability to help you win bets. The more public involvement is there, the more you should also indulge in it. 

  1. When information is readily available

In some sports, there is not much information available online about the records of the teams and the players, the injuries of the best players or the historical record of the teams. But, in some sports, you can find plenty of information online about the players and their teams. With this information, you can also find predictions being made by experts of the industry on the teams that are most likely to win the match. When that happens, you know you got the right picks in your pocket. For example, information about NBA teams and the likelihood of winners are published almost every hour on one or more websites. 

  1. When the basics are easy to understand

Not all sports have rules and regulations that are easy to understand. But in others, you can easily know the rules of the game and the process that the teams have to follow to qualify for finals or win the match. It is not at all difficult to read up the rules, know the backgrounds and then make the bets on the best possible winners. In games like basketball, knowing the rules can be very quick and easy. As the information is also readily available on the web, it can be very easy to know the basics and start betting right away. 

  1. When you want a diversified portfolio

For every sport, teams tend to take a break from playing every now and then. When that happens, you might not have any other option but to stop betting. In this case, you can also switch to another sport and diversify your portfolio of sports games that you can bet on. For example, if your expertise lies in cricket, you can also venture into sports betting in other fields like basketball or football. The rules are easy, the games are plenty and the information is also available. With this, you can keep betting on games and win real money in no time. 

  1. When you simply want to have fun

Sports betting is a hobby for many people across the globe. If you are also in this category and like to have fun with sports betting then you can start with other types of sports as well. Some small level sports are also available for betting every now and then. For example, ice hockey, racing, cycling and more. You can know about the best players in the sport and bet on them every now and then. With this, you can enjoy a new sports and win some excellent hard cash in the process.