Relaxation is becoming an increasingly important topic in healthcare, and for very good reasons. A relaxed person is generally more productive, focused, and able to navigate life without feeling overwhelmed or anxious. On the other hand, more and more diseases and psychological disorders are being strongly linked to stress levels. When you catch yourself shifting into overdrive and feeling scattered and stretched too thin, you can regain a relaxed state of mind quickly by using one of the following three techniques. As with anything, always consult your doctor to be sure any new technique or supplement is right for you.

1. Deep Breathing

Yoga is gaining credibility among medical practitioners as more and more people enjoy its many benefits, including stress reduction. Time constraints and accessibility may make yoga classes difficult for some people to participate in regularly. The good news is that you can utilize yogic breathing techniques to achieve greater relaxation anywhere, anytime, and in only a couple minutes.

To achieve deeper relaxation immediately using your breath, the most effective technique involves breathing in and holding the breath before breathing out. Begin by taking a deep even breath in for a count of 10. Now, hold your breath for a count of 10. Then release the breath evenly and completely for a count of 10. It’s important to push the breath out fully before taking the next breath in. You can repeat this deep breathing technique several times until you feel calmer and more relaxed.

2. CBD Supplements

Also gaining credibility among medical practitioners is the growing market of CBD products such as tinctures, salves, and CBD capsules. Studies on the effects of CBD, or cannabidiol, continue to be produced showing a variety of benefits from pain relief to decreased anxiety, and the World Health Organization has stated that no potential for abuse or dependence has been found with CBD use.

After locating a reputable producer of effective CBD supplements, keep the CBD product on-hand so that you can easily take the indicated amount wherever you may be when stress strikes. The CBD provider or your doctor can provide you with appropriate dosage amounts. Because not every CBD product is equal in strength, you will need to adjust dosage accordingly. Always consult with your doctor before you begin taking a new supplement to be sure it is right for you.

3. EFT Tapping

This may be a new concept to many people, but Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has been around since at least the early 90s. EFT involves tapping acupressure points on the body to rebalance the body’s energy and remove stress from the system. While at least over 100 studies show the efficacy of EFT, the actual physiological effect remains somewhat mysterious. Despite the mystery, even nurses are now catching on to this therapeutic tool and using it clinically using evidence-based techniques to help patients in psychological and physical distress.

You can use EFT to quickly relieve stress. Using all but the thumb finger of your dominant hand, tap gently but firmly at a rate of about 1–2 taps per second on the pinky finger side of the opposite hand. Tap for 10–20 seconds and then tap in the same manner at the top of the head. Now use just the pointer and middle finger and tap between the eyebrows, to the outside of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, and on the chin. Lastly, tap the edge of the collarbone just below the neck, and then tap the opposite underarm. You can do this for a few cycles until you feel relief.

When you need to relax fast there are many ways to achieve the desired effect, however, it is not always convenient or possible to go for an hour-long massage, take a long walk, do a hydrotherapy session, or any number of other stress-relieving activities. Next time stress strikes, be prepared to use one of the above techniques to return to a balanced state within just a few short minutes.