In today’s market, there are a lot of different slot game and Online Cricket Betting ID types in existence. This variety can often make it a little difficult for new players to choose from the hundreds of different options. In some cases, it’s so overwhelming that many people don’t even bother to actually use the apps they download or websites they visit for real money betting. 

Additionally, these days the quality and features of the latest slot games can be almost as exciting as playing computer or console games. Making the gameplay alone as addictive as the potential to win large sums of cash.

Classic Slot Games

Even the most advanced slot games of today still follow the basic premise of the original, only much better. With the addition of amazing bonus rounds and special features that keep users on their toes.

For example, slot machines that have three reels and a single pay line is even becoming a rarity. In a time when people are obsessed with having as many options as possible for everything they are doing. However, these classic slots still have tons of fans among those that want to keep it simple and are only after the most rewarding games with the highest potential to payout. 

Some people even enjoy playing them over other slot types because they don’t really require much attention and the familiarity of them with older players feel they can trust more. Another reason is that they usually have better payout rates and come in lower denominations. Something that is unlikely to change since providers want to keep offering them and still attract enough players. 

Video Slots

Every type of slot game these days, found by the hundreds at sites like, are video slots. These games are strictly software based and have absolutely no mechanical elements whatsoever. 

Video slots also come in many different subgenres which you’ll find both online and in land-based casinos. In fact, if you come across a game that is not a video slot, then chances are, it’s there for display purposes only, as a valued antique. 

3D Slots 

The next big thing to happen to slot games is virtual reality and 3D, which aims to make it even more fun to play. Developers are doing some very interesting work to improve on existing themes and games to introduce better than ever slot games. 

To make these titles stand out from the rest, this means bigger payouts and better features than ever. Including games that incorporate 3D graphics and elements just like you would find in movies and tv shows.


All of the above slot types also have variations in denominations, themes and even how the jackpot is generated. For example, progressive slots build up bigger main prizes every time someone plays the game. Whereas fixed jackpots have standard prizes that you can win depending on the number of lines and credits you choose to activate.

If you aren’t sure yet what to play, there is no better place to figure it out than online where you can experiment with virtually hundreds of different games on your phone, tablet or computer.